Jackfruit Based Plant Protein to debut in Malaysia

Nov 3 2020 ( Kuala Lumpur): One of Malaysia's very own Plant based Protein made from native Malaysia jackfruit ( Nangka in the national language) will be making its debut in Kuala Lumpur. Proudcts for trade is now available from Sun Fresh Fruti Hub Sdn Bhd by calling our KL Office.  The Jackfruit based protein is branded under NangkaRia - Nangka is the Bahasa Malaysia word for Jackfruit, RIa is Happy; our proposition is the Happy Jackfruit plant based protein for a greener and kinder diet, we hope people will begin to eat more plant based protein and enjoy a happier and healthy life.                                                                           

The produt is developed by The 6th Protein Sdn Bhd in partnership with father-son duo Philip and Edward Chui of Plant based CafePC Lab. Sun Fresh Fruit Sdn Bhd is extremely delighted to be providing the raw material processing for the plant based protein. NangkaRia's nuggets are now produced at Kawan Food Berhad's Pulau Indah factory. Current SKU's that will be available are IQF Jackfruit, New Turon ( Banana and Jackfruit Spring Roll -- now available at Dragon I outlets ) and our very special NangkaRia Nuggets, a 100% non gluten, no MSG, made wholly from natural material and using minimal fine processed ingredients. We also make available a basic unflavored  and a flavored paste for chefs who are interested to develop their own unique patty, meat ball or nugget. The NangkaRia is extremely versatile, you can make all different cuisines using it as raw material, a meatball spaghetti, a slider or burdger or even fried a sweet and sour dish with it.   Each serving of 100g of NangkaRia contains 11 g of protein and a good protion of minerals and fibre.  

As our first phase of introduction of the product to the market, we welcome collaboraiton with HORECA, restaurants and cafes, food service outlets.  

We welcome export enquiries. We have a capacity of producing 3500 tons of NangkaRia for the world market. Kindly contact Madam Foong at 6012 3838229. 

Published : 2-Nov-2020

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