The Fruit Hub, CPPC @ Lanchang, we are practising Fairtrade with the local farmers, guiding them to compliance with Standard of Good Agricultural Practice, MyGAP

With this Fairtrade practice, we hope we able to create a sustainable, secure, and fair future for the growers and local farmers, produce safe & healthy food for the nations. On par with United Nation 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goal. A sustainable movement to the community, our Planet and future generation.

In 2019, CPPC has installed with Individual Quick Freezing line, mostly known as IQF, is aiding producers in supplying healthy food. The instant freezing within minutes, help preserve the essential vitamins, minerals, retains the flavour, and the textures. While the shelf life of fresh fruits which are perishable in days able to be prolong up to 24 months using IQF technology. 
In 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic has indeed give a great impact and challenges to the farmers, whereby have drove up freight costs 10 times, resulting in Malaysian Jackfruits a.k.a Buah Nangka locally, all stranded and cannot be export. 

The export volume now must find local market channels otherwise the perishable fruit will go to waste. We are doing IQF to preserve the fruit up to 18 months. 

To date we have processed over 20 tons.... and more will be done this season. We look to you to help so that these good fruits do not go to waste.

We are calling all stakeholders to invest in community resilience now to ensure more prosperity, secure, sustainable and fair future for the community, our planet and future generation.
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